Dallas-based photographer 

Let me tell you a little bit about myself...


My name is Inaya Chaudhary and even before I stumbled upon photography, I was always a creative child growing up. It all started with my love for painting, which led to me trying to take all the art classes available to me in high school. Ultimately, this led me to learning digital art, which allowed me to discover a new medium I could express myself with- photography!


I started photography back in 2016, fast forward a couple of years to now and I am a full time college student doing photography part time. Photography has now become a part of who I am and capturing others in their element gives me a lot of joy. Shooting with people has become my passion- whether it's a fashion photoshoot with a blogger, a memorable grad session, or capturing photos for a brand, nothing makes me happier! 


On this site, you'll see my portfolio, and I hope you'll be able to see the love I have for paying attention to details and bringing out the best qualities in whoever/whatever I am shooting!

Think we could create something together? Feel free to drop me an email!

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